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Body Filler Materials

Proworx Bodyfillers

ProWorx automotive bodyfillers

Tricel has proudly been manufacturing ProWorx automotive body fillers since 2012. These unique, highly researched and carefully engineered formulas have ensured that this innovative body filler range is an industry leading product to work with due to the constant delivery of excellent professional standard results.

For more information visit the dedicated ProWorx website and view product listings, downloads as well as contact details.

ProWorx Bodyfillers

Visit our dedicated ProWorx site for further information

Our Body Filler Range

ProWorx Swift body filler

Proworxs swift bodyfiller

This is the ultimate in high-performance lightweight crash repair technology. Swift is developed for its superbly easy shaping and sanding qualities. It is ideal for large repair zones due to these excellent and user-friendly properties. This, coupled with the products great adhesion to damaged areas make it the perfect choice for repairs which need to be done quickly, with minimal effort and to a high calibre standard.

This versatile body filler product is suited for a wide variety of substrates including mild steel, aluminium, as well as glass fibre.

ProWorx Swift body filler is available in kit sizes of 0.6L & 3.5L.

ProWorx Pearl body filler

Proworx pearl bodyfiller

Pearl is a body filler putty which has been specifically formulated to combat the challenges of modern day crash repair. This product has an excellent ultra-lightweight and spreadable texture while maintaining its easy high-build characteristics. Pearl filler putty is suited for use throughout the repair stages and gives an excellent finish surface from which to begin the painting process.

This easy to use and widely applicable body filler putty can be applied to the following substrates: mild steel, aluminium, GRP & SMC as well as all sound original paintwork.

ProWorx Pearl body filler putty is available in kit sizes of 2.5L & dispenser 1.3L.

ProWorx Elite body filler

ProWorx Elite is a premium grade body filler with a flow like quality and is perfect for small imperfections, surface damage and the application of final skim coats. Often used as a final application finishing filler, it is great at levelling large repair areas and the promotion of a perfect substrate. This product is designed for professional use by those who seek a mirror flat surface to a repair finish. Ideal for final shaping and contouring so as to ensure a perfect blending of the repair zone with the original line work of the car body.

Suited to mild steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, GRP, SMC and sound original paintwork.

ProWorx Elite premium body filler is available in kit sizes of 0.6L, 1.1L & 2.1L.

ProWorx Plex body filler

Proworx plex flexable grade bodyfiller

Plex flexible plastic repair filler is specifically designed and formulated for automotive plastic repair application and is compatible with a multitude of thermosets. This is a highly flexible repair formula with excellent adhesion and shaping qualities. Plex plastic repair filler is flexible and versatile and the optimum choice when it comes to repairs on car parts such as bumpers or mouldings.

This product has great spreadability and a smooth finish, easy sanding for quick repairs.

ProWorx Plex plastic repair filler is available in a kit size of 0.6L.

ProWorx Fibrefix body filler

Proworx fibrefix bodyfiller

Fibrefix chopped strand body filler is designed for the bridging of large holes and rust damage brought about by corrosion. This formula has been designed for the automotive repair industry and is perfect for application on a range of car body parts which have suffered rust damage, as well as for repairs on canopies, campervan shells and larger more serious areas of body damage.

Made with short chopped strand fibres to ensure even the smallest of holes are filled.

ProWorx Fibrefix chopped strand body filler is available in a kit size of 0.6L.

ProWorx Silk body filler

Silk is a premium finishing glaze putty which provides the ultimate in smooth finishing. This extra fine glaze body filler has super shaping and levelling qualities and promotes the perfect finish surface from which to begin the painting process. Ideal for the repair of small imperfections and application as a final skim coat on large repair surfaces.

This product is used as a stopper, it is very easy to sand and shape.

ProWorx Silk finishing glaze putty filler is available in kit sizes of 0.6L, 1.1L & a handy pouch of 0.6L.


ProWorx also produces a line of ancillary products for professional use, these include:
• Mixing boards – Reusable, firm mixing boards
• Hardeners – Available in 25g or 40g tubes
• Applicators – Multipack options available of 3 or 10. Flat front edge for easy application.

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For more information visit the dedicated ProWorx website and view product listings, downloads as well as contact details.